Through the Eyes of the Child


Through the Eyes of the Child   is a no-nonsense, practical manual that supports the teacher in leading the learning process for children.  It contains down-to-earth advice and guidance, practical strategies and simple ideas for application in the classroom and throughout the whole school.  The ideas offered within this manual are ones that Jane has applied herself, or that have been collected through Jane's extensive experience in schools and classrooms over thirty years.  These ideas are illustrated through anecdotes and examples that teachers will find useful and perhaps even inspiring. 


How can I use this book?

Through the Eyes of the Child can be used to stimulate teachers' thinking about their own practice and to support coaching and mentoring processes in schools and academies.

It contains activities that can be used to promote discussion in staff meetings or as part of the performance review process, or to prompt change and review about how you do things in your school or in the classroom. 

Individual teachers love the book because they find it easy to read and love to delve into it for ideas on planning, assessment, differentiation, behaviour management, relationships with parents and many other aspects of the job.